Hi, I'm Ryan, a 24-year-old entrepreneur and sales professional with a keen interest in web development and cutting-edge technologies like blockchain and A.I. Originally from Houston, TX, my early drive for independence has significantly influenced my personal development and career path.

I earned my Bachelor's degree in Economics from the University of Texas at Austin in 2021. After graduating, I've been actively involved in the tech industry, specializing in selling CX solutions, virtualization software, and cloud services. See my work page for more details on my experience in tech. Look forward to connecting!


VMware - Commercial Account Manager

June 2021 - Present

Serving as the primary contact for both potential and current VMware customers, I managed two key territories spanning Washington State, North Dakota, South Dakota, & Minnesota.


Generating new sales opportunities through inbound and outbound prospecting, leading discovery calls with customers, nurturing partner & distributor relationships, and creating quotes


FY22 Q3 - On-ramp Sales Cycle; 80% quota attainment
FY22 Q4 - 95% quota attainment
FY23 Q1 - 130% quota attainment
FY23 Q2 - 101% quota attainment

Oracle - Business Development Representative

June 2021 - July 2022
Served as the first point of contact for Oracle’s Customer Experience pillar within our Upmarket Enterprise Accounts.


Generated outbound opportunities through a variety of different contacting mediums, including calls, emails & LinkedIn.


FY21 Q3 - Completed 3 months extensive sales training
FY21 Q4 - 105% quota attainment
FY22 Q1 - 185% quota attainment; met the stretch goal of generating $1.5M in pipeline
FY22 Q2 - 122% quota attainment

Personal Endeavors

Over the past few years, I've been involved in a range of projects that have served as outlets for my creativity and diverse interests. My intention in sharing these endeavors is to offer you a glimpse of who I am.

1. DraftCodes.io - Summer 2023

With the help of ChatGPT and other A.I. chatbots, I've been able to take my website development to new heights. DraftCodes.io is a data anlytics website being hosted on AWS that delivers real-time updates and statistics on sports games. It's been an arduous process of combining the different skillsets between myself and my co-creator to make this website happen. I primarily focused on front-end web development, while my co-creator brought his excel spreadsheets to life through python scripts.

2. Javis Auto Sales - January 2023

I built a business web page for Javis Auto Sales, one of my local car mechanics here in Austin, TX. A digital footprint has allowed his customers to easily access essential information about his business, including offered services, location, and working hours.

3. Ethereum Mining Rig - Summer 2021

During my senior year of college I built an Ethereumm mining rig with one of my roommates. Consists of three Nvidia GPUs, including a 3070, 3080, and 3090 (right to left). We were profitable and mined for about a year before Ethereum transitioned from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake.

4. Basketball Progression Video - January 2021

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